Seabrook Newfoundlands

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                                                                Wayne and Kathy Griffin

                                                               11810 State Highway 178

                                                           Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin 54729


Seabrook Newfoundlands began in 1980 when our first Newf came into our lives, a charming girl named Holly.  That simple thought, "Gee, it would be neat to have a Newf," grew into a kennel and breeding program that has spanned over thirty years and produced over 100 AKC champions, many multiple Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show Newfoundlands, several Newfoundland Club of America Top-Producers, along with several Newfoundland Club of America Register of Merit recipients.

In addition to enjoying success in the conformation ring, several Seabrook-bred Newfies have excelled in the obedience and working dog arenas, winning awards in Obedience, Carting, and Draft Work, as well as Water Rescue, Therapy Dogs and Canine Good Citizens.

Seabrook Newfoundlands is dedicated to breeding Newfoundlands that are sound in structure and temperament.   All of the Newfies placed in our breeding program have their hearts certified by a cardiologist, their hips and elbows evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and are screened for Cystinuria.

Wayne is a graduate of Cornell University's School of Veterinary Medicine.  He is one of the four owners of the Chippewa Veterinary Clinic.  When not tending to the Newfoundlands,  you can find Wayne on the golf course.



Kathy is a well established professional dog groomer and operates her grooming shop in conjunction with the Chippewa Veterinary Clinic.  Her free time is spent caring for, grooming, and taking her Newfies to dog shows.