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There are many things to consider before getting a Newfoundland.  Be sure to do your research and ensure this large dog is a fit for your home, family, and lifestyle.  Although it is easy to see all of the puppies available on generic pet/puppy websites, please keep in mind that these are usually not breeders that breed for the benefit of keeping the characteristics of the Newfoundland breed....more so for making money.  The breeders that dedicate their time to this breed also show their dogs in Conformation, Obedience, and Working Trials to ensure they meet our written standard.  On top of that, they are sure to do the health clearances necessary to eliminate the genetic problems that are in this breed.

We invite you to visit the Newfoundland Club of America's Website.  This is the Parent club to which the breeders who are dedicating their time belong.  Through this club, you will find the Code of Ethics that the reputable breeders follow, and it will also provide answers to some pit falls other puppy shoppers have fallen into.

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